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Personal Storage Dubai

Why we are a Best Self Storage Company in Dubai

We are one of the best self-storage companies in Dubai due to the high-quality service we are providing to our customers. Our self-storage facilities are located at most convenient locations around Dubai. These are manned by some of the most experienced and professionally trained logistics experts who know how to pack, move and store your belongings. Your stuff is carefully graded and put in the right type of cartons and labeled properly for easy identification.

The self-storage facility offered by us are of high quality and secure storage spaces enabled through the state of the art technologies and are under careful monitoring and surveillance all the 24 hours 7 days of a week under the watchful eyes of professional security agents. The goods are placed inside well separated and guarded storage sections in our storage facility where you are provided with a lockable room with your own access key to manage your stored items at any time.

Advantages of our Best Self Storage Company in Dubai

  • Our self-storage facilities are affordable as they are available at low prices
  • Self-storage is available for office and business storages also
  • The storage is highly reliable as it is under 24 X 7 security coverage and CCTV surveillance round the clock.
  • Backed by a robust and responsive customer support
  • Storage in temperature controlled storage units are also available at low prices
  • We offer storage spaces in various sizes

Thus, you can make use of our best self-storage service in Dubai and help you make the move as painless as possible to you at very economical costs.

Personal Storage with US

Searching for self storage facilities that will meet your expectations can be a difficult task. You are packing some of your most prized possessions, and the last place you want to leave them is in a mold infested, insect ridden, poorly ventilated, and rundown warehouse. In U.A.E, there are plenty of these self storage facilities to go around, but The Home Storage Dubai is different.

Personal Storage Dubai

Whether you want to store your goods for a few days or many years, we have the finest storage solutions which meet your needs. Our storage system assures, your goods are stored in large containers and sealed up until you request them.

The Home Storage Dubai is the biggest provider of professional storage services in the UAE. We are giving you safe and secure storage for thousands of households.
Here at RST Movers Dubai, we know that finding the right storage solution for you can be strenuous. We pride ourselves on giving you with storage rooms that are clean, dry, and secure and tailored exactly to your needs.

The Home Storage Dubai has one of the largest UAE’s storage solutions where you can find different types of storage facilities to suit your needs.
Be sure that the company you choose is insured. This is important because a company cannot assure you 100% safety for the items stored. However, it must persuade you that just in case the inevitable incident happens, you will be compensated fully!

For many businesses; moving and house moving from one place to another can be very challenging. At The Home Storage Dubai, you goods are protected by the best alarm systems .The area encircling the warehouse is covered by a reputable security company.

You can search through our website to find the company you are after or the quickest way to The Home Storage Dubai storage costs from multiple storage facilities in your location.

We have a team of friendly, professional advisers ready and waiting to help with every aspect of the storage process. So if you’re in need of appropriate, reasonable storage rooms, get in contact with the The Home Storage Dubaii.

We understand how difficult it can be to part with your belongings, whether they’re your grandmother’s porcelain doll collection or your old rock and roll records, so we want to provide you with clean and safe self storage facilities you can trust. The best part is that our self storage facilities save you time and effort, as well as money. We have revolutionized the way you store your items. .

* First, we drop off your storage containers at your front door * Call us once you’re done loading your belongings and we’ll pick the containers up for you

* Our Storage is climate controlled and our boxes are made out of wood, preventing any possible climate damage

* We have 24-hour security and a fire suppression system at our storage facility for your peace of mind. Call us at +971 56 1755 700 or email today to find out more about our self storage facilities.