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Long Term Storage

Long term storage services

Whatever your needs are, we have storage services that suits your requirements All our storage provisions are specially originate and based upon our sound experience.

our storage flair are especially suited for longer-term storage. Your possessions are carefully archive and packed into a container at your home and then sealed not to be opened again until you need their return.
For the duration of their stay in our storage warehouse, the numbered containers are placed into position in neat rows ensuring maximum security with the minimum of handling.

For more information on storage please keep in touch with one of our Customer Service Managers who will be pleased to assist.
you can’t instantly engage your newly rented space and you require a safe place to keep your personal belongings until they are moved to the new locality, The Home Storage Dubai can help you!

We will find the exact blend for optimizing the available space as well as your costs, so you will only have to pay for the right used space. To ensure the safety of your goods, our storage units are equipped with various security features, including 24/7 surveillance cameras and alarm systems.

Our storage facilities are safe and easily to reach location. To make sure the most efficient storage, we provide all the demanding packaging materials.
When you are ready to receive your belongings, our professional and trained staff will remit the containers directly to your new locality. Unpacking will be made with the same care and attention to detail provided throughout the entire relocation.

our storage options are flexible, also offers easy monthly payments. The Home Storage Dubai’s dedication to the highest excellence for quality services will be providing a safe, effortless, quick and hassle free long term storage.

We have a team of great professional expertise psyched and waiting to help with every aspect of the storage process. So if you’re in need of appropriate, reasonable long term storage rooms, get in contact with the .