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Looking for a personal storage unit to store your stuff?

The Home Storage Dubai has been helping people in search of temporary storage for 10 years.
If you need to store your household items in Dubai we are one of the best self-storage companies in Dubai. We offer an entire range of services for your convenience and comfort level and do not allow the hassles of moving in Dubai to bog you down.  In this fast-paced life of the present days, you are faced with situations that force you to change your place of residence from one area to another within Dubai or within the country. Your work situations may be forcing you to go out of the country for a longer period of time where you cannot lock your things in your rented house and leave them there for longer periods of time as you have to pay rent for your home even when you are keeping it idle.

Why use The Home Storage?

To prevent this wastage of money by want of rental payment for the idle house, we are offering the best way to store your things in our self-storage facility and keep them safe and secure during your time of stay out of Dubai.   We are one of the best self-storage companies in Dubai and we have all the necessary infrastructure and manpower to get your things from your home, pack them up for storage and move them to your storage space in our best self-storage company in Dubai. 

We are one of the most experienced people in the self-storage industry and have helped many of our customers with personalized exclusive and customized self-storage service. As the best self-storage company in Dubai, we make available all the necessary services to secure your valuable belongings in our self-storage spaces and guard them to help you save your valuable time and effort, as well as money through our self-storage service.

We are the Best Self Storage Company in Dubai as we offer our valued customers with the entire range of services including the 

We have 3 step service for your complete ease of mind

  1. Packing
  2. Moving
  3. Storing

Thus, we are your full-service provider and your one-stop solution for all the services that you need for your valuable belongings. Once you are faced with the situation of moving out of your present place of residence, you can call us to take care of your entire moving process and we will take over from there and handle each stage of the moving process till you are settled in your new home or get your things stored securely in our self-storage facilities.

At The Home Storage, we proceed the further measure to shield your storable items with hallmarks like electric gate access and 24-hour monitoring cameras. However, using the proper forethoughts ultimate goal is also to assure your stored belongings stay in preferred condition while you’re elsewhere.
Our self-storage staff is thoughtfully trained to assist you throughout the packing and moving process explicitly to render a hassle-free operation

Tips for Finding the Best Self Storage Units in Dubai and the Benefits of Using One

Benefits of Self Storage Units Rental in Dubai

storage units
storage units

You’re finally ready to move, but you can’t stand the thought of having to part with some of your furniture and other sentimental items. 

Perhaps you’re moving in a bit of a time crunch, and know that you’ll be in between places for a while until you find the perfect new space. 

Maybe you’re not moving at all, but realize that you have way too much furniture or too many other personal items. Your home is starting to look less like a residence and more like an antique shop. 

No matter which of the above situations seems the most familiar to you, now is the time to rent storage units. 

But with so many options to choose from, it can be tough to find the best storage units in Dubai

We’re here to help. 

In this post, we’ll fill you in on what to look for in a storage unit, the benefits of using one, and why The Home Storage Dubai is the best storage company to work with. 

How to Choose a Storage Unit

There are several things you need to be on the lookout for when selecting the best self-storage. 

At The Home Storage Dubai, we aim to provide you with unparalleled service and expertise. Read on to learn what makes our storage units and the experience of working with us as a whole the right choice. 

Excellent Security and Storage Conditions

We know that your belongings hold both financial and sentimental value. 

Whether you’re interested in long or short-term storage, you want to ensure that you’re leaving your things in good hands. 

Make sure that, like what we offer at The Home Storage Dubai, the facilities you choose are well-ventilated and clean. You don’t want to expose your possessions to mold, insects, or, worst of all, rodents. 

Our facility is climate controlled to best protect your items. all of our air conditioning units are periodically maintained by a team of dedicated air conditioning experts

The facility should also have a fire alarm and sprinkler system in place, as well as insurance. This way, even if an unpreventable accident happens, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be compensated. 

You also want to make certain the storage units are housed in a facility that has  24-hour security and superior alarm systems in case of unauthorized entry, as we do. 

The best storage units will have security cameras, secure locking systems, and more. 

A Variety of Storage Options

When selecting a storage facility, you need to make sure they have plenty of options available to you. 

The right facility should be equipped to handle the storage needs of any length, whether for a few months or a few years. They should also help you to determine the size of the unit you’ll need, as well as the best way to optimize your space. 

Look for storage facilities that offer commercial/office storage as well as personal storage.  

To make things as easy as possible, they should also offer monthly payment options and online quotes, so that you’ll know exactly how much the specific storage services and units you need will cost. 

This makes it much easier to plan your moving budget as a whole. 

Logistical Assistance

Finally, remember that the best storage companies should also be able to help you with the logistical side of packing and moving

If you’re interested in self-storage, they should bring the storage containers directly to your front door. This means that you don’t have to worry about transporting the items to the unit yourself, which saves you tons of time and stress. 

Once you’ve finished loading up your unit, the company should then pick up the storage containers to you. 

However, perhaps you have much larger storage needs, and also require assistance with packing and removal services

At The Home Storage Dubai, we can help you with packing and moving services in addition to providing you with lots of storage options. You can hire experienced and trusted professionals to pack everything for you, and then safely transport it to your storage facility. 

This way, you can get all of your moving needs handled in the same place, instead of having to keep track of quotes and schedules from several different companies. 

After all, the process of moving is already stressful enough. You should take advantage of every opportunity to make it easier. 

The Benefits of Storage Units

Now that you’re much more aware of how to choose the best storage facilities, let’s quickly discuss the benefits of using them. 

First of all, storage units are incredibly helpful if you find yourself needing to move much earlier than you expected.

Whether financial situations, new job opportunities, or even changes in your personal life have caused you to have less time than you’d like to find a new living space, you shouldn’t have to part with your possessions because they won’t fit in a temporary home or apartment. 

Instead, you can store them in a facility while you shop around for the perfect new place to live. 

It also allows you to take your time when painting & decorating your new home — and allows you to keep possessions that don’t quite fit with your decor, but that you aren’t willing to part with. 

Your children or other family members can inherit these pieces of furniture or other possessions when they move to their own homes in the future — and we know they’ll love having a reminder of you with them. 

Finally, storage units prevent your home from getting overcrowded with excessive furniture, artwork, and even documents. You don’t use these things every day, so why should they take up space in your home?

Plus, you can always visit the storage unit when you need them.

Work with The Home Storage Dubai

We hope that this post has helped you to understand what to look for in storage units — and why The Home Storage Dubai should be your go-to solution for all your storage, packing, and moving needs. We have the experience, the right facilities, and the customer care to give you the top services in Dubai. 

Reach out to us today to get a quote, and get ready to take tons of stress out of your moving process. 

Office Storage

Office Storage Services

Hey! Are you worried and tensed for storing your office goods for a new move?

We know that it’s very hard and stress full to move your office from one place to another. Packing office goods and all that stuff belongs to your work.
You still have a few months to move but your contract is ended? But don’t worry The Home Storage Dubai services are here to make your office move hassle free and smooth.

Leave all your hassles and troubles on us, our experts will make an ease for your office storage. Whether it’s about the furniture or would be the belongings or office stuff; all you need is to call one of our expert and everything will be done as per your requirement
We are the leading name in office storage services across Dubai. We have premium storage units for your requirements with compatible rates, easy access, flexible terms, and best customer service.

Our easy to reach location makes your access easy to your belonging .we have spate cabinets, drawer organizers, file carts and storage, desk top collection and much more will make your work and life easier, As the leading name in storage we are committed to provide the highest standards of storage solutions which meet their needs.

Let’s provide you your business with a best of commercial storage solution which will be more cost-effective and have more competitive price, professional and secure than storing your commodities in a self-storage facility.

The Home Storage Dubai have two state-of-the-art warehouses for your storage and distribution needs. We are offering you short-term and long-term storage solutions for all types of businesses and facilitate you with our excellent storage services, including major appliance distributors, furniture retailers, hotels, and businesses of all sizes.

The Home Storage Dubai offer the most secure office storage solution possible. Gated, outfitted with sprinkler protection, security alarm and camera surveillance, you can rest assured your items will be safe.

The Home Storage Dubai is a new breed of moving and storage company, working for you 24/7 with one goal in mind-to be your single-source provider of household storage solutions.

Have questions regarding your move or our services for commercial commodities storage? Feel free to Contact us today.
The Home Storage Dubai Providing you a better way to store – Maybe you’re having construction work done, and need a secure place for your things. Maybe you’ve renewed your office, but don’t want to haul things back and forth to some off-site self storage warehouse.
Whatever your situation, wherever the location is The Home Storage Dubai is the perfect solution for short- and long-term storage.

We are your most trusted storage services provider for many years. Your believe is our success. Our team members work in a very friendly atmosphere.

Long Term Storage

Long term storage services

Whatever your needs are, we have storage services that suits your requirements All our storage provisions are specially originate and based upon our sound experience.

our storage flair are especially suited for longer-term storage. Your possessions are carefully archive and packed into a container at your home and then sealed not to be opened again until you need their return.
For the duration of their stay in our storage warehouse, the numbered containers are placed into position in neat rows ensuring maximum security with the minimum of handling.

For more information on storage please keep in touch with one of our Customer Service Managers who will be pleased to assist.
you can’t instantly engage your newly rented space and you require a safe place to keep your personal belongings until they are moved to the new locality, The Home Storage Dubai can help you!

We will find the exact blend for optimizing the available space as well as your costs, so you will only have to pay for the right used space. To ensure the safety of your goods, our storage units are equipped with various security features, including 24/7 surveillance cameras and alarm systems.

Our storage facilities are safe and easily to reach location. To make sure the most efficient storage, we provide all the demanding packaging materials.
When you are ready to receive your belongings, our professional and trained staff will remit the containers directly to your new locality. Unpacking will be made with the same care and attention to detail provided throughout the entire relocation.

our storage options are flexible, also offers easy monthly payments. The Home Storage Dubai’s dedication to the highest excellence for quality services will be providing a safe, effortless, quick and hassle free long term storage.

We have a team of great professional expertise psyched and waiting to help with every aspect of the storage process. So if you’re in need of appropriate, reasonable long term storage rooms, get in contact with the .

Short Term Storage

Short term storage services

Not to worry for your belongings! We are the solution for your temporary storage

The Home storage Dubai is the leading name in storage solutions all across UAE. We are one of the best storage solution providers in With hundreds of facilities and thousands of customers across the Dubai.

You might never know when you need a temporary storage, either you are moving to a new home or renovating your space, we understand that you need temporary storage until you resume to your normal lives.

At The Home storage Dubai , we have originate our short term storage to satisfy all types of short term storage solution needs with stretchy charter, easy monthly payment and a friendly staff to help when you have need of.

Short term storage is the optimum solution for those looking for rented temporary storage for a period of a few weeks or months. Renovating or moving house /office can be fraught, therefore it is better to make an approach for short term storage. We at The Home storage Dubai are masters in short term storage solutions! We personify our premium self storage units to each customer’s demand. Every customer approaches a private storage unit to which only he has access.

Our storage units are based also in Dubai, offering compatible price, easy monthly installments affordable rates and flexible terms. Our expert team is here to serve you 24/7.our storage units are temperature control to preserve your belongings carefully.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Condition in its entirely. In order to make full use of our services, adhering to the practices described in this statement is required.

This agreement is solely between The Home Storage Dubai LLC and the individual or company concerned. The occupant has inspected the area and its knowledgeable of the features and amenities The Home Storage Dubai LLC provides. Thus, The Home Storage Dubai LLC disclaims any kind of warranty or guarantee for the goods stored in The Home Storage Dubai LLC will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the access to, or use of the facility. The occupant should remember that The Home Storage Dubai LLC dose no keep keys to individual spaces and, therefore, will not accept any sort of delivery or adjustment to the goods stored.

The Home Storage Dubai LLC will provide a 24 hour security guard, but The Home Storage Dubai LLC is not liable for any stolen or misplaced items. The Home Storage Dubai LLC also has the right to refuse entry to anyone in the unit deemed as unsafe or anyone who poses a safety risk to The Home Storage Dubai LLC employees and or other tenants. Locks
Tenants are responsible for providing a secure padlock for the unit and are responsible for making sure the unit is locked when not being accessed. The Home Storage Dubai LLC will not be responsible to lock unlocked units and will not keep keys for individual units.
All prices are subject to change with adequate notice to our customers. Timing
Occupants can access the facility any time during the hours posted.

Deposit Fee
The company shall charges an equivalent amount of the month’s rent as a deposit fee in the commencement of the agreement. This will be refunded at the termination of the agreement or will be withheld if tenant’s obligations are not met: upon termination of the agreement, the unit must be cleared of all items and must be clean and tidy and in the same condition as commencement date. If these obligations are not met, The Home Storage Dubai LLC has the right to seek responsible costs to clean the unit.

Payments shall be made in full in the beginning of the contract in addition to the deposit fee. Monthly payments are also possible through cheques. Payments are due by the 1st of each month. We will allow a grace period of 6 days after which point late payments are subject to a 5% penalty. In cases of returned cheques, a charge of AED 150 will be applicable plus any bank charges.

Storage of good is at the sole risk of the occupant. Fire insurance is available through The Home Storage Dubai LLC. Occupants may supply their own insurance or we can make suggestions for insurance providers upon request.

Restricted Items
Occupant shall not store any item which is unsuitably packed or store any kind of perishable goods in the unit. It should be completely understood that The Home Storage Dubai LLC has limited restrictions. Storing of these restricted goods (listed below) is prohibited. Therefore, storing or using such items is unlawful and will be reported to take legal action the occupant.

Failure Pay
Non payment for the services provided by The Home Storage Dubai LLC, exceeding thirty days, will result in transfer of ownership of the goods stored, to The Home Storage Dubai LLC. The Home Storage Dubai LLC will take action to recover amounts owned by clearing and disposing of the goods in question.

The following items may NOT be stored at the storage facility:

  • Birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Explosives Toxic waste Flammables of any kind (oil, paint, diesel, gas, etc).
  • Illegal drugs
  • Hazardous waste materials and other chemicals Items that affect other occupants of the facility Corrosive materials (batteries, acids, etc)
  • Food or perishable items
  • Jewellery or other valuables
  • All other items prohibited by law

Termination of Agreement
This agreement shall expire on the termination date or as described in the following condition. Either occupant or The Home Storage Dubai LLC may terminate this agreement. Fifteen (15) day notice is required for termination of agreement by the occupant. Any notice less than fifteen (15) days will result in a prorated payment due upon vacancy of unit.

Right of Entry
The Home Storage Dubai LLC has the right to enter your storage unit if necessary and may have to break locks to do so. We will make attempts to make contact with occupants to avoid breaking lock.

Subletting is not allowed. Also the unit may not be used as a living quarters or an office space. Tenants are also prohibited from making physical changes to the unit (paint, structural changes to wall and ceilings, etc.).

Packing Tips

The Home Storage Dubai Business Card

General Packing Tips

Our packing tips have been developed through many years of experience with moving companies across the country. Whether you want packing tips or moving quotes, you’ll find everything you need from The Home Storage Dubai for a successful move. You can even obtain multiple free moving estimates to help you estimate your total moving costs.

When packing or storing furniture, wrap it with blankets, towels, or old linens. This prevents it from being scratched or otherwise damaged. Most packing tips don’t tell you that furniture legs should also be wrapped.

Backing up important files and making a hard copy of important files on your computer is another great packing tip.

If you disassemble an item you’re self packing, label, number, or otherwise mark each piece for easy reassembly. It is better to select a mover that’s experienced and insured than ruin your furniture in the process.

Chairs should be stacked seat-to-seat with paper in between.

Fit what you can inside any like item. For example, you can store sponges in pots. This packing tip will save valuable space and makes unpacking easier.

Its often cheaper to pack lightweight items yourself, such as books, linens, clothing, toys and small kitchen appliances.

Pack your jewelry, family heirlooms, sports memorabilia, photo albums or other priceless items yourself. Move them yourself too, either in the car or as carry-on luggage, if size allows.

Before the movers arrive, all major appliances should be cleaned and disconnected. This includes: refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, washer and dryer.

One mans trash is another mans treasure. Don’t wait until the last minute to choose which goods to bring with you. This doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Just work on one room or with one group of items at a time. For example, you could list 10 items per week, or take 10 items to a consignment store. If it doesn’t work in one place, you wont be stuck.

Here are some popular ways of getting rid of the items you no longer need:
* Garage sale
* Online auctions
* Flea markets
* Consignment stores
* Donations to charity

Pack all important documents in one place also write them on a note pad to recheck one by one:
* Bank statements
* Legal documents
* Medical records
* School records
* Tax records
* Military records
* Mortgage records
* Veterinarian records
* Passports
* Marriage license
* Birth certificates
* Stock certificates
* Insurance papers, receipts and pictures of valuable items
* Vehicle titles, insurance papers

Fit what you can inside any like item. For example, you can store sponges in pots. This packing tip will save valuable space and makes unpacking easier.

Feel free to write us a review in order to provide you more tips and solutions, simply click here

Storage Advice

The Home Storage Dubai Business Card

Storage Advice

Storage space is needed for a variety of reasons, such as when moving to a smaller home, when your house is not yet ready or when there are just too many things to unpack and not enough time. And, simply having too much stuff is glowingly becoming accepted as a perfectly good reason to rent storage space.

People also rely on storage space for more traditional reasons, such as being evicted from an apartment, deciding to move in with a significant other, remodeling a home or having a home damaged by fire or other casualty.

Basic storage options for household goods are to either store your possessions in a moving company’s warehouse, or lease a self storage unit at a self storage facility. The circumstances for storing your property will be the primary factor determining which type of storage you’ll use.
However storing into a professional storage house is much safer and convenient option.

Before you choose a Storage house to store your stuff please check if the company is offering A Class facilities such as

  • Security Cameras,
  • Secure Locking System
  • Authorized Access
  • Police Monitoring System
  • Intrusion Alarm System
  • 24/ 7 Access
  • Clean & Healthy Premises
  • Insured Storage System

Also check for Additional Facilities:

  • Removal Solutions
  • Moving Solutions
  • Packing & Unpacking Solutions

Be sure to see our Packing Guide for great packing tips you can use for getting your items ready for transfer to storage.

Moving Advice

The Home Storage Dubai Business Card

Moving can be a stressful time. Whether you’re hiring local movers, interstate movers, international movers or moving yourself across town, the moving options you select can result in stress from start to finish. That’s why The Home Storage provides a complete range of moving services and information – so you’ll have a much better chance for a smooth move.

Local Moving and Interstate Moving
A local move option, means a shipment of goods where the origin and destination are within the same state and less than approx 100 miles apart.
Moves that are still within the same state but are more than 99 miles from origin to destination are considered intrastate moves or state to state moves.
A move where household goods travel across state lines – regardless of the distance – is known as and interstate move option

More Moving Services
Movers relocating overseas will want to visit our International Moving section for information on overseas moving and a form you can use to request free quotes from international movers. Need moving tips to move a car or other vehicle? Check out our auto transport page!

Moving Estimates
It takes just a few minutes to request multiple estimates from moving companies…there’s no obligation… you just complete one form online…it’s real easy… the moving companies are per-screened…we don’t share your information with anyone except the moving companies we contact to provide your estimates…and, best of all…these moving company estimates are FREE!

What are you waiting for? Get FREE moving company estimates from The Home Storage today!

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