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About Us

The Home Storage Dubai is your unique all-in-one storage solution, equipped and customized to meet all of your needs. We are located in Dubai and offer affordable rates to customers looking to store important items in a safe environment. Besides just providing a self-storage unit, we also provide packing and moving services to make storing in our space a convenient and easy option for you.

Your Possessions Our Solutions

If you live in Dubai; we can tell that space is hard to come by. We understand that most homeowners have very little space inside their rented homes. Rather than throwing your important possessions away or stuffing them inside your home, it is best that you head to our self-storage service and let us take full control over your storage needs. We have strategically placed our facility to help people with storing their items carefully in a convenient location.

Satisfying All Needs

We pride ourselves in our abilities to meet all kinds of storage needs. Do you want to clean the basement and keep all memorable stuff somewhere safe? Are you looking to buy items for your business’s next biggest venture and don’t have space available? Or, do you just want to store some tech items you don’t need anymore? We have you covered in all situations and provide spaces according to the size you have in mind.

Personal Storage Concierge

Not only are we your storage destination, but we also have pretty much everything you need on your journey there. From packing your things to moving them through truck rentals, you can expect full cooperation from us before, during and after the rental process. Our moving truck rentals also get you to your new destination quickly.

Best Self Storage Facility in Dubai

Temperature Controlled Storage Facility

We understand every customer has different requirements, and to meet the special needs we also have temperature-controlled storage units; which are perfect for storing:

Centrally Located

Our storage area is centrally located and is easy and convenient for people to come to.


Our facility comes with CCTV cameras to make sure that safety is prioritized. Our security personnel guard your belongings at all times, which is why you can rest assured knowing that your possessions are in safe hands.

Convenient Access

You don’t have to go through unnecessary hassle while accessing your storage items. We realize that these items might be required in a hurry, which is why we have made accessibility easy.

Courteous Staff

All of our staff members are friendly and are always ready to assist you. We recognize customer needs and make sure that our staff members entertain you in the best manner possible.

Years of Experience

We have years of experience in servicing customers and always make sure to maintain our quality standards.

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